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My Love from the Star 2014 : Best Ever Korean Drama

An otherworldly good looks with his literally exceptional splendor, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) a disbelieving alien because of his human physical form. After his crash landing on Earth 400 years ago, Min Joon has diligently observed humans for centuries, ultimately coming to cynical conclusions. He landed 400 years ago in the Joseon Dynasty, who then falls in love with a top actress in the modern period.

On top of being a super babe and a well-known model, Min Joon’s got improved vision, hearing and alertness — all the more reason to consider that he’s more advanced compare to everyone on Earth. That is, until he pursues the beautiful actress Cheon Song Yi (Gianna Jun) for a romance out of this world.

Do Min-joon is an extraterrestrial being that landed on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty in the year 1609. He is trapped on earth for the next four centuries because his spaceship was wrecked. He possesses a real-like look, superior physical abilities including his senses, his sight, hearing, speed, and world-weary view about human beings. He then meets a young girl whom he kept from death, but later on and turned out she gives her life upon saving him.

As decade flies by, Min-joon is forced to take on an innovative characteristics and identity every ten years, as his human form by no means of ages.In the present modern time, he works as a college professor and discover out that due to a comet approaching in near three months, he will be able to go back to his home planet. In the period in-between the present time he unintentionally meets the famous actress Cheon Song-yi, one of the biggest stars in Korea, when she moves in next door to his luxurious apartment unit and also falls out to be attending his classes at college.

Song-yi is an intolerable brat, unconstrained attention seeker; someone who became a top star in her teens and in no way she learned how to live a normal life. While on the run Min-joon finds out that Song-yi seem to be like the little girl he fell in love during the Joseon era. He tries to avoid himself away from her, as he aims to leave the planet.

On the other hand, Song-yi gets invovled in the unsafe game of Lee Jae-kyung, the elder brother of Hwi-kyung, who has been her friend ever since middle school and who is in love with her. As Jae-kyung keeping secretly Song-yi, Min-joon will find himself saving her many times and after a while the neighbors fall on each other. But Jae-kyung turns out to be much more harmful than Min-joon, he strangely unable to control above his superpowers, making his only best friend, Lawyer Jang concerned about his life.

Chun Song Yi almost had everything: In spite of her not so good image, as an airhead and a top actress. She’s got an adorable best friend, well-off and a decent chaebol heir who very much wants to tie the knot with her. But everything begins to be complicated when she’s drawn in a apprehensive death, recalling Song Yi that her life wasn’t so faultless. Then a dreamy next door neighbor came, a younger man who happens to be from outside of the world with extraordinary set of abilities that include teleportation and freezing time—Song Yi finally finds true connection. There, her real troubles begin.

The drama never fails to extract the essential conflict that defines the finale episode. During Min-joon’s departure and the emotional heartbreak that go after Song-I. Basically, all of the emotional force was driven on making a convincing pitch to the viewer that are expecting that this drama really is going to conclude on a sad note- that Min-joon and Song-I will be everlastingly at odds and will be forever separated. The entire episode is very glum.

The intrusive ending that finally resolves this question permanently leaves something to be most wanted. The drama that has used up so much energy steering to its science fiction elements phases, in the last piece, to pull some science out of nowhere to determine the storyline. There was plenty of room in this drama for actually in sci-fi elements, logical deductions, and serious emotional exploration and preparation for separation anxiety. Subtitles were also presented at the bottom verifying the latest technofact of the drama, virtually matching to the blurbs from earlier part in the drama where Min-joon was discussing some medical terms.

This drama has gone through so far-off for the sake of the Song-I and Min-joon pairing; this isn’t really going to be that much more of a leap. But in the end it was a good team-up hence there something lacking that made it more so controversial to watch.

Watch Full Episodes Of Korean Drama: My Love from the Star 2014 (Be ready soon)

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Korean Drama: Secret Garden 2010

Secret Garden is a 2010 Korean television drama, starring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji-won, Yoon Sang-hyun, along with Kim Sa-rang. I liked Hyunbin since the drama “My name is Kim Samsun” but didn’t much fan of Ha Jiwon.I doubted that this drama “Secret Garden” could gain popularity.In fact,I was totally wrong and it wiped all the Korean Peninsula and all the Korean girl was super crazy to Hyunbin. Also, Sceret Garden OST is fantastic and Hyunbin sang an one ost before entering army service. Orginal ost “That man 그 남자” was sung by “Baek Jiyoung백지영” who is the one of the popular Korean singer.

This peculiar plot and high concept drama completely came up with a neurotic businessman and an adoring stunt woman who come to possess each other’s hearts and exchanged bodies. Kim Joo Won is the conceited and the strange heir to a very huge business. On the edge on becoming an heir to a large department store, he frequently rejects the girls easily that his mother sends off to his life.

The twist of life seems odd to Kim Joo Won when he meets Gil Ra Im, a fine-looking, single-minded stunt-woman, she effortlessly changes his life as well, as he becomes more fascinated by her vigor and vulnerability. Ra Im and Joo Won are terrified together, when due to a supernatural catastrophe they end up switching bodies. After the incident, they’ll have to live as one persistently to know each other well and at the same time to find out solution.

Rewinding on how the “Magical boy switched” occurred. Here’s a recap. Oscar requested Joo-Won pick up actress Park Chae-Rin from a shooting set. Joo-Wan mistakes Gil Ra-Im — for Park Chae-Rim and he takes Ra-Im to a hotel. Oscar made the favor to Joo-Won in an attempt to avert Park Chae-Rin from revealing their affiliation to the press. At the hotel, Joo-Wan discovered that the lady he fetched was not Park Chae-Rim instead its Gil Ra-Im.

For the time being she was mistaken as Park Chae-Rin, Ra-Im is an avid fan of Oska’s music and she luckilly wins a competition to go to Jeju Island with Oska himself. They were in Jeju Island and the main participants all assemble. As they were mountain biking, Raim gets separated accidentally from Joowon and Oska. Joo-Won searched worriedly to locate Ra-Im.

Joo-Won was capable to find Ra-Im but ended up trapped in a strange restaurant in the core of the woods namely ‘Secret Garden’. Even more mysteriously, the strange merchant of ‘Secret Garden’ seems to identify both Joo-Won and Ra-Lim extremely well. The owner offered two bottles of wine to Joo-Won and Ra-Im. After that they manage to locate their way back to the hotel. At night, Joo-Won nor Ra-Im able to sleep and they drunk individually the gifted wine. This starts the twist in the plot when both Ra-Im and Joo-Won awaken in the morning to find that their souls have switched already to the other’s body.

The body switching scenarios were typically teasing them for many times and visibly messing up each their lives. Afterwards the tendency of the story line becomes more serious. They were developed to each other yet there are some hindrances.

Joowon’s mother finds out about his relationship with Gil Ra Im and wasn’t pleased as Ra Im is totally out of her class. Joo Won admits to his grandfather that he marry Ra Im. He says his mother would not bestow them consent, so he is ask over for his grandfather’s. Including his grandfather is on his mother’s side. They were not discouraged to get married. Joo Won’s mother rushed in the hospital, later than having found out about the wedding. His mother cries, and scolded him that they’ve won over her.

The finale episode shows that they have three kids – two boys and a girl. Ra Im is now a stunt director. At least still then it was a happy ending. The fact that Joo-Won married Ra-Im, presently kept his job, his wealth and his love one.

One of the Korean Drama that was so funny, yet tragic and touching at some parts. This show gives anyone’s watching the true meaning of love from the sad part to its purest romantic ending outline as promising as ever. For those who will watched and for those who already watch it seems that they can feel butterflies flying inside their stomach in every minute while watching , plus the tears will just simply roll down on cheeks and for sure a wide grin would really occupy on everyone’s face at the end of each episodes.

Characters are well reserved for this fastidious drama, funny on the other side and very deep in acting, showing classic of emotions. It seems that everyone can relate the feelings beneath the characters and can understand of what they are going through. A perfect story line was well enhanced with some side stories and that would never boring at all. The prestigious cinematography was just a breath taking; featuring like most of far eastern films, the exceptional scenery that added and brings forth the emotions.

Click Here To Watch Full Version Of Secret Garden (Will be ready soon)

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Jongno 3ga Choi Buja Bossam restaurant

종로 3가 최부자 보쌈


I’ve an exam next week so I am so busy preparing all the mid-term exam.I wish I could update the positing more often but I’m not able to,but as soon as the exam will be finished I will upload new posting:)

Today, I’d like to introduce one popular restaurant in Jongno3ga which is in the middle of Seoul.You can easily visit there by only taking a subway.This posting is provied from Sabi(popular korean blogger who visit the place and review real experience) .If you want to go any famous Korean restaurant in Seoul,I will contact Sabi and ask him to take you there:)

종로3가 최부자 보쌈 Jongno 3ga Choi Buja Bossam restaurant

Here is the entrance.You can easily find the place.

south korea travelThis is signboard(underneath) it’s written as “최부자 보쌈=Chi Buja Bossam”

south korea travel tips

This is inside of the restaurant of 최부자 보쌈(Choi Buja Bossam)

south korea travel tips restaurantLots of diffrent menus are listing and small size of Bossam start from $20(20,000won) which is quite reasonable price but the drinks as well.

korean dishes menusThis is the one of the main dish of this restaurant and look so yummy!

종로 보쌈 추천There is Oyster main dish but you can ask extra Oyster if you order other dishes. Korean sea food is really delicious!You must try if you travel to South Korea.

종로 맛있는 음식점

종로 맛집

popular korean dishesI’m not sure what’s name of this one but looks like “감자탕=Gamjatang” this is my favortie of Korean food,I love it!

bossam recommend korean foodThis drink is kind of Sprite which is call “Chilsung Saida”.It’s been on the market for a long time and Korean drinks this than just sprite.Try when you go to stores:)

popular south korea restaurant

South Kore Travel Tips : 최부자 종로(3가) 보쌈 리뷰

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그들이사는세상 The world that they live in

The world that they live in

This is one of favorite South Korean drama that Song Heykyo and Hyunbin played and they fell in love each other in real life.They broke up when Huynbin started the army service,actually,their relationship was ended before long time ago.Anyway, in this posting,I would like to talk about the drama,“The world that they live in”,which I don’t know how much people like this drama or have even heard about it. If you didn’t have any chance to watch please watch this drama.If you need english subtitle,please let me know,I can do translate for you.

the world that they live in 그들이 사는 세상 현빈 송혜교 hyunbin song hyekyo

The storyline was all about the production of dramas for a fictional Korean television station and the centerpiece of the story is the relationship involving a pair of producers—one an established expert and the other with his prevailing and soon-to-be ex-girlfriend.

the world that they live in 그들이 사는세상 south korea travel tips motizin

The story was all about the two drama filming directors who have dated way back when they were in their college days, which lead to complicated break-ups because of their separate relationships with other people. After finally breaking up with their current partners, they decide to get back together and renew a relationship.

the world that they live in

They started dating again, knowing their selves more seriously and they eventually they fall deeply in love with each other unlike before. They decided to keep their relationship as a secret. No matter what happens, they sustain each other and they give trust each other.

송혜교 현빈 그들이 사는세상 the world that they live in popular south korean drama motizin

Jung Ji-oh (Hyun Bin) is a alluring drama PD (production director), while Joo Joon-young (Song Hye-kyo) also a PD. Joon-young is a daughter from a wealthy family; she has problems concerning her mother – who lives a lavish lifestyle, relating to gambling and affairs with various men, that which reminded and made her too naive and reserved when it comes to her feelings. These tribulations are reflected in her self – which are illustrated her as cold and remote. Ji-oh in contrast, is a son from an underprivileged family of farmers and even he has a hard time dealing with his father’s anger and affection, but he loves his mother very much.

the world that they live in 현빈 송혜교 그들이 사는세상 popular korean drama

When the two get back mutually, they equally discover from each other and finally Joon-young become more easy-to-read, affectionate and sympathetic as opposed to her quick-tempered and inconsiderate deeds unlike before.

the world that they live in popular south korean  drama hyunbin song heykyo

Conversely, Joon-young’s mother doesn’t agree of Ji-oh relationship with his son, seeing as he is only a lowly person. Ji-oh’s pride is extremely wounded by the unpleasant endeavor of Joon-young’s mother towards him, so he decides to split up with Joon-young. Joon-young was deeply upset and doesn’t grasp the reason behind their break-up, and Ji-oh suddenly become very mean as he pushes her away.

the world that they live in south korea

Although he obviously still loves her very much, he is worried by their differences in riches, standards and individuality. Several problems and trials arise between the couple which tests their love and faith for each other. Ji-oh goes through an eye disease which necessitates an abrupt operation and due to sickness; he is not being capable to film every day. But after a while, Ji-oh and Joon-young come mutually as a pair and also directed a show as one.

the world that they live in popular south korean drama hyunbin song hyekyo

Rivalry in the station take place, when Song Gyu-ho (Uhm Ki-joon), a rude and happen to be a sarcastic director, directed some dramas and leaves his employees overworked. Nevertheless, his attitude isn’t considered a predicament at the situation since his dramas always make high ratings. He casts a constant new artist, Jang Hae-jin (Seo Hyo-rim) a newbie actress, and the two fall-in-love with each other.

beautiful love story the world that they live in south korea travel tips hunbin song heykyo

But since Gyu-ho’s father was running for president position in the upcoming election, the two are strained to break up to protect and cover-up his name. Afterwards Hae-jin becomes a fine actress and is soon involved in dating gossips with her co-stars, whereas Gyu-ho is upset while looking on from afar, miserable and hurt. At the end of the day, the two also regain the relationship together and settle on to get married.

the world that they live in south korea travel tips motizin

The World That They Live In isn’t the top show ever, but I still came away from it feeling like watching it was time well spent: it opened my eyes to all the little details it’s so easy to overlook in the dramas I love so much.

Unlike other dramas that the center on a deceitful plot, the characters in this drama will take the middle stage as they try to balance things out including their life, work, and possibly love for one another.

the world that they live in song hyekyo hyunbin south korea travel tips

It is an appealing fast-paced and amazing shocking glimpse into how South Korea diverse and handle a television broadcasting. It drags anyone watching on the edge on their seat, no doubt! The over-all Production is excellent and the characters are plentiful with different characteristics in acting that are satisfactory. The scenes that take place on set are fun, but this show has some fundamental problems. This K-Drama was for those who are curious about how dramas are made and it appears to be a simple storytelling without a lot of exaggerated demonstration; The World That They Live In could actually detail a lot.

the world that they live in south korea drama hyunbin song heykyo

The real illustration here, however, the show gives viewers a perspective on how dramas are made: How do they shoot dialogues in moving vehicles? What’s it like to give up your life in service of filming two episodes a week? And how do they find (or manufacture) all those amazing locations? It’s miraculous anyone survives the production process, and seems like it should actually be impossible for the results to be worth watching.

south korea travel tips the world that they live in south korea drama

The World That They Live concept is awesome. The fact that the viewers could see the “behind the scenes” of a Korean drama making: about script writing the, the effort of a director, the actors and everything how K-Drama industry works.

the world that they live in south korea drama south korea travel tips motizin

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Popular Korean restaurant in Seoul Yangjaedong

Youngdong Jokbal in Yangjaedong (영동족발)

Jokbal = trotter (pork hocks) = 족발

In this positng,I would like to intoduce of Jokbal (족발) which  is trotter ,it may sound a bit weird but, this is one of the favorite food of most of Korean and you never guess the taste unless you try!

All the photo is taken by Sabi who is one of the popular Korean blogger  and  usually posting a review of Korean restaurant and food! His review is real!!

Here is Sabi !! Hello man!

korean popular restaurant myeongdong 명동 추천음식점Youngdong Jokbal is in Yangjaedong (in Seoul) and you have to take a train to get there.This is really popular Korean restaurant so that generally,many people wait for the line more than 10 minutes,even more than that when peak time.

jokbal protter _recommend restaurant 추천 음식점 양재동See the photo! Full of people!

양재동추천음식점영동족발 popular korean restarurant in seoulYou can check the menu and price following photos. Large size of Jokbal(족발) is 33,000 won which is equivalent to $33 USD.Other menu price is very vary from $5 to $15.

where to eat meal in seoul south korea

Looks yum?! Godsh… wanna go there to eat Jokbal(족발)!!  If you travel to South Korea,I really recommend you to visit this place,Youngdong Jokbal(영동족발).

seoul famous restaurant 양재동 영동족발You never find this real information from any South Korea travel books!Only available from motizin!

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Kpop:Yoon Dohyun Band : Might love you

Yoon Dohyun band is one of the popular rock bands in South Korea,almost all of Korean know Yoon Dohyun band song “Might love you”(사랑했나봐) which was released in 2005.Hip pop and rock is not that so popular in Korea,don’t know why.As a rock band,Yoon Dohyun bands have a lot of best seller songs,one of best song is “Might love you”.

He’s so popular due to good looking,humorous characteristics and unique husky voice.This song “Might love you”(사랑했나봐) is a favorite song to all South Korean so people may so surprise that if you say to know this song.Slow tempo and short lyrics  so easy to follow and remember.

It will not be familar at first time to you but try to listen more than 1 then you will feel it!

If anyone need translate lyrics just let me know:) I will do it for you.

lyrics :


이별은 만남보다 참 쉬운건가봐

차갑기만 한 사람

내 맘 다 가져간 걸 왜 알지못하나

보고싶은 그 사람

사랑했나봐 잊을 수 없나봐

자꾸 생각나 견딜 수가 없어

후회 하나봐 널 기다리나봐

또 나도 몰래 가슴 설레어와

저기 널 닮은 뒷 모습에

기억은 계절따라 흩어져 가겠지

차갑기만 한 사람

빈 가슴 애태우며 난 기다리겠지

어설픈 내 사랑은

사랑했나봐 잊을 수 없나봐

자꾸 생각나 견딜 수 가 없어

후회 하나봐 널 기다리나봐

또 나도 몰래 가슴 설레어와

저기 널 닮은 뒷 모습에

기억은 계절따라 흩어져 가겠지

차갑기만 한 사람

빈 가슴 애태우며 난 기다리겠지

어설픈 내 사랑은

못되게 눈 돌리며 외면한

니 모습 모른 척 할래

한변쯤은 날 뒤돌아 보며

아파했다 믿을래

바보인가봐 한마디 못하는

잘 지내냐는 그 쉬운 인사도

행복한가봐 여전한 미소는

자꾸만 날 작아지게 만들어

멀어지는 니 모습처럼

언젠가 다른 사람 만나게 되겠지

널 닮은 미소짓는

하지만 그 사람은 니가 아니라서

왠지 슬플 것 같아

잊을 수 없는 사람

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Kpop: Lee Sora’s ‘Please’ Remix by Taeyeon

Lee Sora is well known Korean female singer,you might not know her unless you are really well know  of Korean culture or music.Lee Sora debuted in 1995,I exactly remeber her first debut on the stage.

Her first title song was “I am happy“,it sounds happy song,actually it’s not at all.She recieved Korean Music Awards with “I am happy” and all her song is sad and make people cry with sad lyrics.

Among other best songs of her,I recommend to you to listen this song “Please” is written by her from her real love story and she really cried on the stage while she sung a song,it touched many of audiences.

She had a good time with her boyfriend but you know what’s love like…

She was broken up with him and wanted her boy friend back to her again. This is so masterpeice song so most of Korean know and remixed by many popular singers too.This version is Taeyeon’s.

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Kpop: Whee Sung’s Heartsore Story

His real name is Choi Wheesung and he debuted in 1999 as a Korean idol band “A4″but it wasn’t really successful.After 3 years,he released his first solo album “Like a  movie”  in 2002 and he received the praised from Seo Taeji and Shin Seunghun ,both of them is top Korean singers and have lead Korean music industry for few decades.Since then,he got more spotlight from the public then every albums  he released was the best seller song.

I love him,too!!!! He’s real singer!It’s a shame to say that but I,actullay, cried so many times when listening this song after breaking up :)How cool is that!

All his concerts tickets was quickly sold out as soon as it opened and 10 out of 10 people strogly recommend to go his concert.The price is around $40 depend on the seat but if you have a chance to go to Korea why don’t you go to watch his concert! I wish I could go! If anyone are planing to go,just let me know! Let’s go to together:)

Whee sung’s husky voice and mournful eyes make me crazy!

Enjoy his live stage!

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Kpop:Sung Sikyung ‘You touched my heart’

Sung Sikyung is one of the top Korean ballad singer in South Korea and nowadays,he becomes more popular due to his sense of humor from  “Witch-hunting (마녀사냥)-TV Show” .

Sung Sikyung became my favorite ballad singer from in 2002. Actually, Sikyung’s first debut was  in 2001 with his first album,”Like the first time” but I didn’t like that song much.I was too young that time and loved to listen dance or hip hop music whereas Sung Sikyoung’s song is usaully, calm and sad.

The first song I fell in love with  is ” You touched my heart” and this song is still popular and favorite song to many of Korean.The story is  one men wants to return all the beautiful memories with his ex-girl friend and  he realized she is only one he really loved after breaking up.

Close your eyes and listen this music.His lovely voice brings you to the past that moment you fell in love with your first love.

You can see Sung Sikyung’s live stage following video during a “Peace Concert”